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Thursday April 26th, 2012, 10:16 am

Brilliant Email Etiquette Checklist

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Good email etiquette

How good is your email etiquette?  Will it help you stop email overload and reach inbox zero or drive up the email traffic in your inbox?   Recipients are far more likely to respond to emails which are easy to read and indicate clearly what is expected of them. 

Use this checklist to score the clarity of your emails and establish how well they will be received by the recipient. 

Scoring: 1= Poor   2= OK but could be improved   3= Brilliant, it fully meets the criteria.

1. Subject line.  Does the subject-line reflect the content of the email and if action is required, by when?

2. Tone.  Is it professional and business like without being cold and distant?

3. Grammar and spelling.  Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?

4. Structure and layout.   Have you stated the key facts at the start and separated each new topic/point?

5. Wording.  Is it written in plain clear English and free of jargon and text-speak?

6. Font.  Have you used a consistent business-like font and colour?

7. Call to action.  Does the email explain clearly what the recipient needs to do next?

Interpreting your score
7 = Poor.  Don’t be surprised if there is either no response from the recipient or they fail to notice your email.  Go and read Part 3 of Brilliant Email.

8 to 14 = OK.  However there is room for improvement – go back and read Part 3 of Brilliant Email.
15 to 21 = Good.  You are on your way to writing brilliant emails which should be read (and, as appropriate, dealt with) promptly.

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