Bomo ArtBomo Art

Bomo Art Budapest produce some of the world’s finest stationary from note books to notelets.  The paper is of the highest quality and many of the notebooks are hand made and leather bound.  They are a joy and inspiration to use. You can flip through your Bomo Art diary or take notes in your journal as often as you like without being afraid that it may fall to pieces.

Email overload can be significantly reduced simply by choosing an alternative communications channel. Pen and paper is often quicker and more effective. We are proud to work with Bomo Art who also sponsor us. Click here for more information about Bomo Art.

Osmond ErgonomicsOsmond Ergonomics

Osmond Ergonomics is the UK’s most knowledgeable supplier of innovative products and services to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity.  Click here to download Crtlworks personal efficiency software.

Essential Computing

Established in 1989, Essential provides software and services designed to help enterprises get the most out of their corporate email service whilst reducing the growing costs and risks associated with email.

Essential Computing

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Long-term email retention and eDiscovery,
  • Email service management and email recovery, and
  • Email-related productivity, calendaring and resource management solutions

Essential Computing is a division of SevernSoft Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales.


Jaluch is an established HR and management training consultancy that helps employers with all aspects of human resources and employment law – from recruitment to retirement and everything in between! Jaluch are passionate about business, therefore the service they deliver focuses entirely upon achieving your business goals.