About us

We have over twenty years experience helping people like you and your organisation improve performance and well-being through effective email management.  This is achieved by enabling clients to reduce email overload and improve email communications.  Email is now the number one vector for cyber crime. We pay special attention to raising human resilience to email-born cyber attacks.

Benefits our clients have gained from working with us are:

  • Saving time dealing with the inbox by up to 60 minutes per day.
  • Reducing the volume of email traffic across the organisation by up to 50%.
  • Higher quality of email communications leading to less email ping-pong.
  • Changing to alternative forms of electronic communications eg collaborative tools.
  • Reducing the risk of an email-born cyber attack.
  • Raising data protection, security and compliance especially to GDPR.
  • Lowering energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

Our experience shows effective email management depends not only on being able to use the email software but also having the right processes to deal with the inbox, the right email culture, alternative technologies to email and leadership from the top.

We have developed a range of unique techniques such as our ‘Nine Ps of Smart Email Management’ Charter, ‘Inbox Audit’ and ‘Email Culture’ survey to help us ensure any services are tailored to your business. We also have a series of personal on-line tools like our ‘Outlook Fitness’, ‘Email Etiquette’ and ‘Email Addiction‘ self-assessment tools.

After any intervention (from workshop to one-to-one coaching) we evaluate the business benefits of your investment. We provide free on-going support for the following month to ensure you maximise these benefits.