Smart Email Management and Cyber Security – workshops, masterclasses and webinars

Do you suffer from email overload and need top tips on effective email management?  Ever been subjected to cyber crime and need to improve your human resilience to cyber crime?  These workshops help you and your organisation be more productive.

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Email Management to Reduce Email Overload

1. Smart Email Management

What would you do if you could create an extra hour a day every day?  That’s what you can save by reducing the email overload and improving your email etiquette.

Through our Smart Email Management training programmes learn how to be more productive and win more business.  Grounded in our proven ‘Nine Ps of Smart Email Management’ charter, our off-the-shelf and bespoke training enables you (and your organisation) to save up to one hour a day per person per day. 

Our smart email management training enables you and your business to:

  • Reduce the volume of email traffic through your inbox and across the organisation.
  • Raise the standard and quality of email communications.
  • Identify how and when to use alternatives to email to improve communications.
  • Reduce the risk of upsetting clients and losing business through poor email communications.
  • Manage the risk of a breach of security, confidentiality and compliance to GDPR.
  • Improve your defence to cyber crime (through human error).
  • Control the level of email addiction and dependency.
  • Cut down the time spent on email housekeeping.

Our Smart Email Management workshops can be delivered both as conventional training sessions or as webinars.

Contact us now for more information about how we can enable you and your organisation create up to one extra hour every working day of the year and hence improve well-being and performance.

2.Improving Human Resilience to Cyber Crime

Over 85% of cyber attacks occur through accidental human error.

Improving Human Resilience to Cyber Crime

Furthermore, email is the most common entry point for a cyber attack.  Despite deploying an array of the best technological defence, we human beings are the weakest link in the fight against cyber crime. False emails are accidentally opened and actioned. Confidential information is leaked unwittingly via our mobile devices. Cleaning up after a cyber attack can be very expensive, time consuming and damaging psychologically to you and to the organisation’s reputation.

In this masterclass we explore how to improve awareness and what personal actions can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack.  Specifically:

  • Smart email management (eg spotting unusual emails and use of the Out of Office Message).
  • Effective password protection.
  • Improved personal security.
  • Effective management of the risks associated with social media.
  • Increased compliance to GDPR to reduce the impact of a possible attack.

This ninety minute session contain case histories, top tips on personal cyber security management and advice on using the available technology. It is constantly up-dated as new sources of cyber attacks appear.  It can be run as a conventional workshop or a webinar.

Contact us now for more information about how we can enable you to act as the first-line human defence to cyber crime.