Case Studies

Here is a selection of recent case studies:

Leading Rail Construction, Engineering and Design Company

Enabling international engineering company to save up to 45 minutes per day dealing with email.

St Helens Council

Improving email etiquette and compliance for local government council.

Young’s Brewery

Up-dating acceptable usage policy and communicating more efficiently with customers through email.

International Clothes Manufacturer

Making more time available to deal with customers for a major clothes manufacturer.

Shepherd Construction

Reducing the size of mailboxes and time spent dealing with email.


Enabling an organisation to use email to meet future business demands more efficiently.

Islington Council

Coaching senior executives in a local Government authority to use IT to make personal efficiency gains.

McGrigors LLP (now part of Pinsent Mason)

The sheer volume of email was causing stress for staff, wasting time and had the potential to create risks from missed instructions or deadlines.

Fulcrum Consulting (now part of Mott McDonald)

It was becoming impossible to keep on top of the volume of emails… Mailboxes were becoming oversized and causing the system to run slowly… Getting engineers to move important emails from their personal mailbox to the project mailbox was also a challenge.

IT Director (of leading international publishing company) – inbox audit

As a firm believer in the old adage that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, I felt an objective view of my inbox would reveal if I was doing as well as I thought or what else I could do to maintain and enhance my effective use of email.