Five top tips to creating strong passwords

Thursday January 12th, 2017, 11:48 am

Here are five top tips to creating a strong password which are the first line of defence against cyber crime.access-data-694539_640

1.  Strong passwords which are really very easy to construct and remember. Take a phrase and then build a password from the first letter of each word and turn some into capitals and numerics, for example make your ‘i’ and ‘1’ and add a couple of symbols.  For example ‘I love playing golf in the summer at Parkstone Golf Club’ can become 1Lp9itS@Pgc.

2.  Consider using some form of password management software such as LastPass, Zoho Vault and Dashlane.

3.  Where you have a choice adopt devices which have more than just password protection for example finger and retina recognition.

4. Try to avoid logging in to accounts with your social media accounts.  Instead create a new password.

5. When using a mobile device use an app which mask your typing such as Blur.

Don’t forget too to be extra vigilant with your email account because email is often the open backdoor for a cyber attack.

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