Two hours each week wasted on email

Friday March 16th, 2012, 12:18 pm

Email overload rules according to a new survey by Mircosoft.  We spend more time dealing with email than socialising with friends and family.  The survey revealed that on average we waste two hours a week dealing with ‘greymail’.  That is email we don’t really need.  Research by Mesmo Consultancy finds the time wasted to be a little higher – nearer five hours a day.

The average inbox receives about 14,6000 per year. Again we find it too be higher and nearer 22,630.  Not clear whether or not the Microsoft data relates to business or social use of email.  Nonetheless it underlines the need to deal swiftly with the whole email addiction and email overload syndrome.

To check how much time you are personally wasting use our Cost of Email Misuse Calculator

What is especially worrying is that many young people feel so stressed by email overload.  It also conflicts with the view that social networking is taking over from email as the main communications

Over the years at Mesmo Consultancy have developed the Nine Ps of Smart Email Management Charter to help people reduce the email overload and email stress.  Feel free to download it and use it.

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