Email Addiction II – more tips and hints

Wednesday February 2nd, 2011, 1:24 pm

Are you an email junkie?  Email addiction is a costly to you and your business (even you love life).  We become distracted from the task in hand.  It drives up stress levels.   In can also be the underlying source of chronic email overload and poor email etiquette as your respond in haste to new emails.

Are you an email junkie? Check -download our Email Addiction self-assessment tool. 

Here are three more tips to help you on the road to being less of an email junkie and freeing up some time for other tasks which might have a more positive impact on your productivity and health.

  1. Make sure you have all the new email notifications switched off.
  2. Set yourself an email free time zone when you concentrate on the task in-hand – anything from twenty minutes to two hours and keep to it.
  3. Tempted to take a peak – find a distraction – go see a colleague, take walk, have a coffee.
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2 responses to “Email Addiction II – more tips and hints”

  1. What a sad, pathetic life, people live now-a-days.
    Computers, Internet, In-Box, Out-box, Mobile phones…etc….etc…etc.
    God, NO-ONE talks to each other any more. Families don't sit and eat together anymore…Sad.
    So very sad…!
    Now, there are Blogs, like this one, that offer help….Yes, so called help, with these problems, how many times can l say it…..SAD……!
    It's o.k. you can delete this now……SAD…! :0(

  2. A big help would be to use EmailTray (soon to be a full email client – now only allowing quick replies). Emailtray is a division of the company I work for, Web CEO, and the product uses a smart algorithm to sort email into 4 Inboxes.

    All you need to do is establish alerts for the Top Priority Inbox and you will be much less likely to feel the need to check anything but that Inbox all day.

    The current 1 Inbox regime, that most people live under, makes it so you feel the need to check all the email that “just came in” when EmailTray can easily let you know that the current batch doesn't include anything the algorithm considered important.

    Sure, the algorithm isn't perfect, but you will find yourself relying on it more and more to tell you when not to bother checking your email.