Business Email Overload: how digital devices have hijacked our memory and sleep. Articles of Note October 2017

Friday October 20th, 2017, 9:00 am

Five articles of note exploring business email overload and how digital devices have hijacked our memory and quality of sleep.

  1. How Smart Phones Hijack Our Minds. Nicolas Carr (author of Does IT Matter) is at it again, with a very thought-provoking article. He posits that whilst smart phones have become the repository of our life data and constant companion they are weakening our intellectual ability. Even if your phone is switched off yet still in view it may decrease your performance!
  2. An Email and Popcorn and Tsunami Analogy. What is the cost of sending one email to a distribution list of 100 people when only about five need it? At least one hour wasted. Streamline your distribution list and start improving productivity.
  3. Millennials Email Habits Are At Unhealthy Levels, Resulting In Round The Clock Stress. Yes it seems like Millennials check their emails far more often than Generation X and Y. Starting when they wake and often not stopping until they fall asleep. Not good news for those concerned with the well-being and mental health of their organisation.
  4. Ease Off Those Emails And Smartphones When You’re At Work. Written by Twitter boss Bruce Daisley. Yes, it is in part a promotion for Twitter. He suggests that Twitter is less addictive than email. This is debatable. Nonetheless this article too contains a serious underlying message about performance and our digital habits. During the Overloaded 2017 webinar several speakers mentioned that information overload is making the office environment toxic. Daisley like many is on a crusade to detoxify the office and encourages more laughter and talking – surprise, surprise.
  5. Anchoring to be confident any time any place. When you face an attack of business email overload and your pulse starts racing, try the NLP technique of ‘Anchoring’. Click here for an instant guide on of how to perform this wonderful relaxing technique this from my long-standing friend and colleague David Taylor.

Headspace. Whilst thinking of de-cluttering the mind, have you tried the Mindfulness App ‘Headspace’? Yes, it means accessing your digital device, but you can do so without being disturbed, just turn off all new digital alerts! We love it as a way to clear the mind either before trying to be creative or travelling and trying to stop your mind racing with the train/plane.

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