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Monday December 14th, 2015, 9:58 pm

The forthcoming festive season is a great time to read and plan ahead for the new year.  Here are five books which we cannot wait to get stuck into.

  1. Reclaiming conversations by Sherry Turkle.  How few of us live in the present moment.  At a recent formal dinner I was dismayed to see half the table checking their iPhones (and alike) and completely disengaged with conversations at the table.  The art of conversation has been forsaken for connectivity.  Sherry Turkle explores the pluses and minus of this change in social dynamics and consequences for our lives (positive and negative).
  2. The Letter by Kathryn Hughes.  An example of how a self-published e-book can become a paperback hit.  Just a page turner but you need them from time to time.Dec books
  3. Engaged; the neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organizations by Amy Brann.  With an academic bias, it provides a different insight into understanding how our brain govern how we behave.  Using this insight, Amy provides practical tips on how to apply this knowledge to develop more productive people and organizations.
  4. Alive, Alive Oh! by Diana Athill.  Now in her late nineties, another collection of observations and reflections on life.  It is a rude reminder of how wonderful excellent writing can create a crystal clear picture with word alone.  Anyone struggling to engage their employees in the art of writing good emails should give this as a Christmas present to the offenders.
  5. Mindfulness: 25 ways to live in the moment through art by Christophe André.  Exquisite pictures which help you clear your head and hence practice mindfulness.   A fresh approach and lots of simple, practical exercises to help you relax and chill out not just now but later when the stress builds up again.

What’s on you reading list?



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