Email etiquette to avoid silly hat email

Thursday December 11th, 2014, 11:16 am

Email etiquette to impress

Email etiquette to impress

A new edition of Debrett’s was recently released.  We are often asked should an email be as perfect as a letter.  In a word ‘yes’. It was fascinating to watch how diligently journalists in the recent TV series on the Tatler magazine read it closely before communicating with prospects.  We can all learn some lessons on how good etiquette even in emails can improve communications and relationships.

Coming back to the office after a  festive party and dealing with your emails in haste and it is easy to let your professional email etiquette slip and look like you are still wearing your party hat. Here are our top five tips to help you maintain your professional e-dress code when all around you are still in festive mode.

  1. Put all emails you write in draft for at least five minutes.  You can use a rule to automate the process.
  2. Keep to a professional greeting no matter how tempted you are to be more relaxed.
  3. Avoid slipping into using a sloppy sign off.
  4. Make sure you have put people in the right address line according to what action you need from the them.  For a reminder of the correct use of To: Cc and Bcc  click here.
  5. Try shortening the content by 10 to 20%.  This will help focus both yours and the recipient’s attention about what is the purpose of your email.

Click here to benchmark your current email etiquette.

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