Reduce email overload to contribute to Green Office week

Tuesday May 14th, 2013, 9:44 pm

It’s Green Office Week this week – 13 to 17 May.  Reducing email overload can also reduce your carbon footprint.  The larger the inbox the more resources you need to run it, hence the higher your carbon footprint.  Here are my top five ways to contribute to Green office week by reducing email overload.

Green email

Reducing email overload for Green Office Week

  1. Reduce the number of emails you send by 20%.  This will reduce the number you receive.
  2. Confine the number of people in both the To and Cc address line.  This too will limit the number and hence size of your inbox.
  3. Send links rather than complete files.  This will also help you stay within mailbox limits.
  4. Hit the delete key more often.
  5. Think before hitting send – could you talk rather than email. It’s better for your health and reduces the email overload.

Tomorrow the focus will be email etiquette to reduce your carbon foot print.  For more tips on how reducing email overload also reduces your carbon footprint see last’s years blog.

Meanwhile, if sustainability is one of your key business values and objectives, why not talk to us about our Smart Email Management training workshops to support your sustainability programme.



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One response to “Reduce email overload to contribute to Green Office week”

  1. MasteringEmail says:

    Thank you Monica. Can you share stats on productivity loss due to poor email management? Thank you, Bob