Why Businesses Now Need Superfast Broadband – Guest blog by Kerry Butters on behalf of Broadband Genie.

Thursday January 31st, 2013, 10:14 am

In the world of always on email, social media and mobile working, can you business survive without superfast broadband?

As our lives in general have become more and more connected over the past few years, so too has it been vital for businesses to ensure that they keep up with the latest technology in order to compete.

In the past, businesses have relied upon a static, on-site network to share information and manage email and so forth. With the advent of cloud services, this is no longer the case, as a business can have a network set up at a fraction of the cost of a static network.

This means that the marketplace is even more competitive and those who don’t take advantage of new technologies are sure to be left behind. There are many ways in which companies can take advantage of technology though, the most obvious being social media and email.

Many businesses have now made the shift from internally-based email to cloud and this makes it easier for employees to manage their mail from wherever they are. Office 365 is being adopted by many in order to cut costs and run at peak efficiency, so users can access documents and programs, such as Outlook, whilst on the move.

This makes it a simple matter to sync calendars, meetings, reminders and appointments wherever they are, on any device and is ideal for today’s office worker, especially those who work in an environment that provides a Bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) scheme.

Mobile computing in the office

A couple of years ago it was considered bad form to allow employees access to some aspects of the web, such as social media. This is now changing and we’re seeing more internal social intranets, where workers can communicate with each other quickly and easily whilst sharing documents and information.

Social media has become a part of everyday business and executives are recognising the power of creating and maintaining a two-way conversation with customers.

This new way of doing business means that all departments, from marketing to buying, can be getting involved with the company social media presence, ensuring that it’s performing well.

However, an office all accessing the internet at the same time will mean that the connection can grind to a halt, even if a company has broadband. A superfast connection will do away with these woes, so that workers can stream video, use email and office applications, use cloud services and share information quickly and easily.

This gives any business a competitive edge over those who are still struggling along with a normal broadband connection, as they embrace new technologies and quickly discover the advantages.

Not only does it make sharing information easier, but it also means that employees can easily connect and work from home too, if they also have a superfast connection. This is becoming increasingly important to many businesses who want to further cut costs by moving to mobile working.

Fast broadband also means that gone are the days where you had to wait hours for a file to be sent and the old days of email ‘bottlenecks’ are also behind us. Larger data transfers and quicker mail make for a more productive workplace and a happier workforce.

Add social into the mix and it’s easy to see the direction technology is taking across both the consumer and enterprise space. Whilst it was previously not known what impact social can have on business, it’s now clear that it’s a valuable tool.

However, without a superfast connection, offices don’t have significant enough bandwidth to appreciate fully and take advantage of mediums new and old.

Author Bio: This article was written by Kerry Butters on behalf of Broadband, where you can find more information on fast broadband. 

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