Reducing email overload after the holiday – seven step plan

Thursday August 30th, 2012, 9:25 am

As you trawl through your inbox on returning from leave are you wasting time sending unnecessary emails?  Mimecast found that only one in four emails is really necessary.  A recent Mesmo Consultancy survey found that senior executives felt that on average 44% of the emails they receive are not needed.

You return from leave to a severe attack of email overload as your inbox is overflowing.  The temptation to scan the inbox and fire off a few replies will be hard to resist.  Now you have little or no chance of creating an empty inbox as the chain mail syndrome kicks in.  Here is a seven point plan to help you clear your inbox quickly and take some steps to reducing not only the holiday email overload but move towards inbox zero.

Seven steps to reducing holiday email overload
Seven steps to reducing holiday email overload

The result – no email overload and you should reached inbox zero by reducing the rounds of unnecessary email ping-pong. Now you have time to turn your attention to other important tasks.

Do you have any tips to share about dealing with the holiday email overload backlog?

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