Out of office messages tell all – the best of the worst

Thursday January 19th, 2012, 10:33 am

Is everyone at their desk this week?  Just done an email marketing campaign and received the fewest Out-of-Office messages.  Only 2.6% of my database are out of the office compared to the usual 6%. 

But what about the best of the worst.  Here are two which made me laugh.

I’m off skiing until Monday January 23, and won’t be checking my emails unless (a) the eurozone finally wheezes its last or (b) all the pistes are all closed and I get really bored. If it’s urgent, though, try contacting ….

Joe (an alias) is up north delivering a workshop on pitching and won’t be checking emails regularly. If it is urgent please call on …. See you soon Joe.

I ask you what image do you now have of these two people?

Very personally I am not interested in what the person is doing, simply that they are not there should I need them.  But maybe I am just an old fashioned girl!

When will people realise just how much information they give away through their Out-of-Office message and lax email etiquette?

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One response to “Out of office messages tell all – the best of the worst”

  1. Well….My image of these two people….
    Fantastic….A little bit of humour in this drab world of the internet, is most welcome…..
    AND….Yes, sounds as though….”Your just an old fashioned girl”.
    Time you came up into the real world….
    It takes 43 muscles to frown…..And only 17 to smile…..Soooooo, what ya wait'in for….