Smart Email and Social Networking over Christmas

Friday December 9th, 2011, 11:45 am

Here is a summary of the key points from Friday 10 December with Geoff Carter on The Bay 102.8 FM

1.  E-cards

A great way to give to charity and be green.  Some good sites for e-cards are:

Free – but make sure you are not inundated with advertisements etc.

Remember to send not just to friends, family and all business contacts but also all those you meet networking.

2.  Donate to charity instead of buying presents

For example, with WaterAid, £12 buys two water taps and £50 buys a water pump.  See

For other charities see

3.  Dealing with you email over the holiday

Top three tips to reduce the email stress.

Christmas image 1

  • Try not too log on to often.  Last year 45% of people we polled logged in on Christmas day.  See Email Addiction – who logged in.
  • Avoid being a sitting target for the cyber criminal. Keep your Out of Office message safe and simple.  Don’t give away any sensitive/confidential information. Don’t say you are on holiday. Just say you are ‘not accessing your email regularly’.
  • Set aside time before and after the break to clear the backlog of emails.

For more tips like these see my latest book ‘Brilliant Email’

4. Keep safe and private on social networking sites Don’t boast about what Santa gave you as that encourages cyber crime. Try to make sure you avoid appearing in those silly party photos on Facebook etc. Make sure you are not tagged in other people’s photos. Check your Facebook Privacy Settings carefully and select who you want to give access to for your photos. With children make sure they are properly protected from prying eyes and not on social networks for too long. There is life outside the world of computer games and social networking.

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  1. It's Christmas time magic is in the air, in social networks and in emails. 🙂