Email addiction – switch off over the Easter Break

Thursday April 21st, 2011, 8:30 am

Email on the beachWill you be checking your email over the Easter break?  Or will you be bold and switch off completely in order to recharging your batteries and have quality time with your family and friends?  After all that is what holidays are about.

Checking your emails constantly is a sure way to drive up the stress and disrupt a holiday. It is not unheard of for a husband/wife to throw their other half’s expensive iphone/Blackberry in the sea.  That’s a bit of a waste.

One way to help you resist the email honey trap is to leave your smart phone (Blackberry, iphone etc) safely at home and take just a conventional mobile phone.

If you can not make that leap of faith (and I confess I can not always) then reduce the number of times you check your email to at most twice (morning and evening).  The best being once a day at the end of the day with drink in your hand.  You will surprised at how much less pressing the emails look when seen through a glass of wine!..

What will you be doing whilst on leave – checking or going cold turkey?

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3 responses to “Email addiction – switch off over the Easter Break”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No Easter Eggs here, wine mostly tates awful owing to the heat, missing Bournemouth promenade walks, but enjoying a period of refection here on the tropical island of Penang, Malaysia.

    Yes I will switch off from emails, giving me time to read your excellent book that I have just found here in Borders.

    Have a good Easter

  2. God……………What a sad Blog this is……..
    Get a life for goodness sake……STILL…Treat'in us like children…. 🙁
    At least we won't have to look far for a cold turkey…….Just read this Blog…….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Willie, you seem to spend alot of time following a blog you seem not to like ?

    This blog is realtively new and some find it interesting, but as you point out some or may be a few know it all already (email security /etiquette /legal requirements, etc.).

    As Dr Monica Seeley blogged before you joined in, 21/12/10, business is still tilted towards Generation X and there is still a need to educate or more pertinently to remind busy executives and employees.

    Good evening to you have a Good Easter.