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Articles of Note – September 2015

Posted Tuesday September 15th, 2015, 10:57 am by

TypewritterThe holiday period was to some extent dominated by the Ashley Madison hacking and the havoc is wrecked for both organisations and individuals as summarized in this months blog and the on-going saga of Hilary Clinton’s emails sent on her personal account.  In between there was a piece we noted about Finland now teaching keyboard skills rather than cursive (joined-up) writing.

The Ashley Madison story 

  1. Damaged reputations and one suicide are one outcome as hackers use the data to blackmail people.
  2. Weak passwords make the hackers life easy to gain access to personal data.
  3. Relationships are destroyed when those close to you find out what websites you have been visiting.
  4. Never mind why you are accessing a dating website, what are the chances of find your partner there too?
  5. You can never be sure that your data has removed and deleted as many found out even after paying to have their names removed.

Hilary Clinton email saga

  1. Hilary Clinton deleted over 30,000 emails from her personal account.  Really? Platte River her email provider took no special measures to remove and as a result will now be able to recover them!  These old emails now looks set to blight her Presidential campaign.  This saga just underlines the adage ‘an email sent is there for life’ and about which we have blogged many times.

The keyboard overtakes cursive writing

  1. Finish education authorities are to stop teaching joined up writing in favour of keyboard skills.  Surely there is room for both.  After all, one way to reduce email overload is to use pen and paper for saying thank you especially when the person has gone the extra mile. A hand written note carries so much more sincere.  (This is not an entirely new story and for those without a Times subscription click here for an alternative link.)

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Does deleting emails protect your professional image?

Posted Monday June 22nd, 2015, 6:30 pm by

Hilary Clinton used a personal email account rather than her White House one. Now 10 Downing Street admits to automatically deleting its emails after 90 days. As a result some are suggesting that instant electronic messaging systems which self-destruct are the solution like SnapChat and Slack. But are they?

For any technology to succeed and add value to the business, requires that users are properly trained. Sadly though, normally 80% of our time and budget is spent on the technology and its implementation and only 20% on providing the user with adequate skills to use it properly.

How many of you have ever been educated to mange your use of email, little own deploy good email etiquette which would reduce the need to email ping-pong and email gaffs. In Mesmo Consultancy’s experiences it is less that 20%. So little wonder we often find ourselves confronted with consequences of an email we wish we had never sent.

Email disasters

Email disasters

It is naive to think that we can delete an email. Once sent it is there for ever, either stored on a server as News International and Sony Corporation found to their dismay, or still in the recipient’s inbox. Far better is to adopt slow and quiet email. Think before hitting send. Reflect and ask yourself ‘what if someone found this email’.

Without proper training and a change in organisational culture instant electronic messaging communications systems (like Slack and SnapChat) will be doomed to the same failure and disasters as our current version of email.

Need help to change your email culture to make it work for, rather than against you?  Call Mesmo Consultancy to hear how our email training has has helped others.  Alternatively, watch our video on email etiquette.

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