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Articles of Note – September 2015

Posted Tuesday September 15th, 2015, 10:57 am by

TypewritterThe holiday period was to some extent dominated by the Ashley Madison hacking and the havoc is wrecked for both organisations and individuals as summarized in this months blog and the on-going saga of Hilary Clinton’s emails sent on her personal account.  In between there was a piece we noted about Finland now teaching keyboard skills rather than cursive (joined-up) writing.

The Ashley Madison story 

  1. Damaged reputations and one suicide are one outcome as hackers use the data to blackmail people.
  2. Weak passwords make the hackers life easy to gain access to personal data.
  3. Relationships are destroyed when those close to you find out what websites you have been visiting.
  4. Never mind why you are accessing a dating website, what are the chances of find your partner there too?
  5. You can never be sure that your data has removed and deleted as many found out even after paying to have their names removed.

Hilary Clinton email saga

  1. Hilary Clinton deleted over 30,000 emails from her personal account.  Really? Platte River her email provider took no special measures to remove and as a result will now be able to recover them!  These old emails now looks set to blight her Presidential campaign.  This saga just underlines the adage ‘an email sent is there for life’ and about which we have blogged many times.

The keyboard overtakes cursive writing

  1. Finish education authorities are to stop teaching joined up writing in favour of keyboard skills.  Surely there is room for both.  After all, one way to reduce email overload is to use pen and paper for saying thank you especially when the person has gone the extra mile. A hand written note carries so much more sincere.  (This is not an entirely new story and for those without a Times subscription click here for an alternative link.)

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Protect your on-line reputation to avoid an email disaster

Posted Tuesday September 15th, 2015, 9:52 am by

How well do you protect your on-line reputation to avoid an email disaster? The hacking of Ashley Madison website (the dating agency) provided some statutory lessons about how one’s reputation can be destroyed in a nano second. In a nutshell, this well known dating agency’s data was hacked. Details of about 33 million accounts were released including peoples sexual preferences and fantasies linked to their email address. They also cracked passwords and credit card information.

What made people and business’s more twitchy than usual was that names were associated with companies, because many were silly enough to use their business email address. Technology companies listed included Apple, HP, IBM Sony, Snapchat and Vodafone. Many others were Government officials and household business names.

As a result we have seen some people resigning from their jobs and at least one suicide.

This highly visible hack provides several very pertinent lessons both for us as individual users and corporately for the business. None are new. Perhaps the surprising fact is that so many people continued to forget to bolt the door securely on their on-line identity until it is too late.

Lesson 1 – never use your business email address for anything other than business unless it is an emergency. Use a personal email address for all social emails.

Lesson 2 – be very vigilant about what information you post on websites because In reality nothing is private on the internet. Several people paid to have their profile removed but it still turned up.

Lesson 3 – before hitting send and posting information think about the consequences to yourself should someone else find it, for example either through hacking or worse still close friend or partner.

Lesson 4 – set strong passwords. One survey revealed that over 120 people use simple ones like 123456. Click here for more about password management.

Lesson 5 – spend time developing a crisis management plan whether for your business or self in the event of such a disaster.

This won’t be the last high profile hack but hopefully some will take these five lesson seriously and especially use their business email address more cautiously to manage their own and their company image more carefully.

Call Mesmo Consultancy now to discuss how we have helped our clients to improve the management of their on-line reputation to avoid an email disaster like this and the Sony email disaster.

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