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Tuesday March 18th, 2014, 2:22 pm

Over the past month there have been several articles relating to email overload and email best practice which I thought worth sharing, including one from my personal blog on

Quite email etiquette to gain attention. My top tips on email etiquette to gain recipient’s attention without shouting at them.

How to cope with email overload. The average business person spends nearly a third of their time dealing with email.  Rhymer Rigby looks at ways to reduce emails overload drawing on expert opinions including myself.

How to ditch a laptop for an ipad.  Good article which provides the pros and cons of making the switch and acknowledges it doesn’t work for everyone.

The 4 phases of a cyber attack: an infographic.  It is a download and makes brilliant graphic.  It should be on every office wall. It is a salient reminder that users are still one of the weakest links in the security chain.

Manage your work, manage your life.  Establish your goals in life and what counts as success for you rather than being driven by other people’s goals and criteria. It can be hard.  A good complementary book is Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton.

PST Management: the eliminate or migrate imperative.  We all know PST files are a security risk and unstable yet we keep using them. This paper provides an outline of how to migrate away from this approach to storing emails to a more stable environment.




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