Effective Email Etiquette to Improve Email Communication: Guest post from David Grossman

Friday January 24th, 2014, 10:48 am

In the second part of our discussions, David Grossman talked through key ways to improve email communications, both in terms of how and what your write (email etiquette) and making you email software work for you.  All of this will again help you keep a clean inbox  (and maybe even an empty inbox).

Monica: Given that email is an effective communications tool – how can we make better use of it?

David: Use email only when it’s the most appropriate vehicle for your communication.  These situations include when you need to:

  • Summarize information, as a follow-up to a conversation
  • Provide directional, important and timely information
  • Share detailed information and data
  • Ensure there’s a record of your communication
  • Direct the receiver to an online source for more information
  • Provide brief status updates

Additionally, to keep your inbox clean, consider these strategies, along with the many others that were shared this week:

  • Set up rules, filters or labels
  • Delete regularly
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters
  • Clean up your contacts
  • Create a “read later” folder for nonessential emails

As you experiment with what works for you, you’ll begin to create new habits that will tame the email monster.

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In part three David talks about how to improve the organisational email culture.

David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA helps leaders drive productivity and get the results they want through authentic and courageous leadership communication, a sought-after speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 leaders. A two-time author, David is CEO of The Grossman Group, an award-winning Chicago-based strategic leadership development and internal communication consultancy; clients include: DuPont Pioneer, Lockheed Martin, McDonald’s, Motel 6 and Tyco, to name a few.

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