Email management best practice – keyboard shortcuts

Monday June 24th, 2013, 8:11 am

The key to effective email management and reducing email overload is developing a process for handling each email one and once only.  Make sure  when you open it you do something with it.  Use the 4Ds principle: Deal; Delete: Delegate or Defer.  Don’t just open it, and move on leaving the email lingering in the inbox.  Do this too often and by the end of the week you will have a very full inbox.

Within this process a great way to save time is to use your email software to help you.  Use the keyboard shortcuts to improve your performance even more.Shortcutkeys image

  1. To mark as unread – Ctrl+U
  2. To respond – Ctrl + R
  3. To Forward – Crtl+ F
  4. To move the email to a folder – Ctrl + Shift +V
  5. To set up a meeting to discuss the email – Crtl + Shift +Q

Keyboard shortcuts save time because you reduce the number of keystokes needed and playing hunt the menu item.

If you find these useful, then why not ask us to run a Brilliant Email Masterclasses to help you and your colleagues save time?  We cover the Ds for processing emails more efficiently and software tips like these.

Meanwhile, do share your favourite keyboard short cut.

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