Brilliant Email Etiquette Contributes to Green Office Week

Wednesday May 15th, 2013, 10:18 pm

Another easy win to help reduce your own and your organisation’s carbon footprint is by using proper business email etiquette.  This not only helps you convey the right message right first time and hence reduces the unnecessary rounds of email ping-pong.  It also helps reduce the size of the actual email.  Again the smaller the email and the fewer the emails the less resources needed to run your inbox, and thus the lower your carbon footprint.  Here are five ways by using brilliant email etiquette you can contribute to this week’s Green office campaign.

  1. Shorten the content of your emails by 10 to 25%.

    Green email

    Email etiquette to reduce your carbon foot print

  2. Edit emails you forward and delete all unnecessary previous entries.
  3. Say it in the subject-line where it is short.
  4. Plan ahead and make sure you have asked the right questions and given the right information for the recipient to reply fully.
  5. Avoid email discussion, instead talk.

For more tips on reducing email overload to reduce your carbon footprint see last’s years blog.

If sustainability is one of your key business values and objectives, why not talk to us about our Smart Email Management training workshops to support your sustainability programme.  Meanwhile, why not click here to sign up for our free monthly e-briefing?

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