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Thursday June 7th, 2012, 9:30 am

If you still have any doubts about the extent of email overload take a look at this recent Infographics from Online It Degree. Email is now the biggest drain on our own and our collegues productivity. Mesmo Consulatncy’s own data collection from our clients shows that we waste up to 21 days per person per year. Moreover email overload is often a major cause of stress. Figures from the USA now show that absenteeism through stress in rising.

Email Overload

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However investing ninety mintes of your time in one of our Brilliant Email Master classes has helped many business reclaim up to 45 mintes of the time lost through email overload.

Dr Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy has spent the last fifteen years coaching and training people from a wide range of organisations and businesses to use email more effectively to improve personal and business performance and manage the risk associated with cyber crime. Monica is a Visiting Senior Fellow at Cass Business School City University and Bournemouth University Business School. She is passionate about helping people to save time by using email effectively and has written several books on the subject, the latest being Brilliant Email. She runs regular workshops and masterclasses on email best practice.

For more time saving tips and hints why not buy a copy of one of our books or let us run a Smart Email Management workshop for you and your colleagues.
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