Email overload – how save time dealing with a team inbox

Wednesday September 14th, 2011, 10:56 am

Do you want to save time and frustration dealing with a team inbox (such as the PA and Boss, project@, sales@ etc)?

Managing a team inbox can be fraught with problems and mistakes are costly.  Email overload is rife.  Frequent challenges are that emails get overlooked, conversely some are answered twice.  There is often no clear process for what, how and which emails are retained.  If they do exist not everyone with access to the inbox either understands or adheres to them.

With no clear processes about how to manage a team inbox the chances are that there is a high proportion of unnecessary emails but no one feels they can take ownership and take steps to reduce the waste.  To check how much time is being wasted use our Cost of Email Misuse Calculator.

Basex found it costs about $100 to produce a page of information: not being able to find the appropriate email can be expensive.

Do these problem sound familiar especially to those PAs and EAs who manage their boss’s inbox and team leaders with project inbox?

Use our new Team Inbox Checklist to benchmark and improve how you manage such team inboxes.  Download it now from the Mesmo Consultancy Knowledge Exchange. It will help you and your team reduce the level of email overload and email stress.

Do you have some tips to share with others?

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