No online prescence last week – did anyone notice?

Wednesday May 25th, 2011, 10:58 am

Last week was particularly busy with several on-site workshops for a major client.  Last minutes changes to the workshops left little time to write blogs and tweets.  There was some down time and I was tempted to go to  blog and tweet.  However, being in London the allure of the Watercolour Exhibition at Tate Modern seemed much more appealing and so it was.  After that a trip to the theatre to see Terrance Ratigan’s Flare Path.

Did anyone miss me on-line?  Certainly, no one either emailed or tweeted me to ask where were their daily tips.  Had I fallen off a cliff?

This cold turkey experience reminded me of James Delingole’s article ‘Bloggin’s not a job – it’s an expensive addiction’ in the Spectator on April 16.  We often blogg and tweet because we feel it’s expected of us.  It’s become addictive at the expesnse of our health and well being.  Was it better to blog or look at some exquisite water colour painting?  For me the latter was a far more enriching experience.  It opened my mind to some new ideas and lifted my spirits (not that they were low – rather it set them on an even higher high).  The play too had some insightful lines about human relationships and how we manage these.

The addictive nature of all this blogging and tweeting was re-inforced when I walked around.  So many people have their heads in their smart phones and seem oblivious to the richness of their surroundings, from the tapestry of people walking beside you to the often exotic window displays all of which can provide food for thought and a chance to think outside the box.

For you my loyal followers? It’s great to have you all, but if it’s a choice between the reals arts and sitting at a computer (or head in my smartphone), then my reccomendation is the former!

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