Email overload – reduce your email carbon foot print

Tuesday May 10th, 2011, 9:00 am

Reduce your email carbon foot print as part of Green Office Week.  A free copy of ‘Brilliant Email’ to the best contribututor to help lower the email carbon foot print.  Just becasue email is some how invisable it can be hard to realise just how much email overload raises our carbon foot print.

My thanks to everyone who has emailed with their activities thus far and which are shared here in additon to my daily tips on Twitter.   Amongst the best ideas are those from Nicky Bassnett at a Manchester based University:

  • Fluorescent light above my desk to be removed as it is far too bright and a waste of resources.
  • Shorten my email signature.

Several people have set their printers to save paper and toner by setting the default to one of the following.

  • Double sided.
  • Two pages on one side.
  • Black and white rather than colour.

Then there are the well tried and trusted practices of turning off all PCs, laptops, smart phones and monitors when you go home/stop working for the day.  This might also help create some me time as you are less distracted by the ping of new messages (text and emails).

What are you doing?  There is a free copy of Brilliant Email for the best activity.  Tell me what you are doing either by email or leave a comment.  You can also take my LinkedIn poll.

For more time saving tips and hints why not buy a copy of one of our books or let us run a Smart Email Management workshop for you and your colleagues.
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