Email overload the new year’s resolutions

Tuesday January 4th, 2011, 9:52 am

Email overload really does take its toll on individual’s and business’s productivity.  For a reality check use my Cost of Email Misuse Calculator.  It’s not just the quantifiable lost time and money, it is also the hidden costs such as the distortion of the work-life balance, stress and higher carbon foot print. See earlier blogs.
With this in mind here are my New Year’s resolutions to help me be a little more productive and less addicted to my email.

  1. Check them no more than five times a day.
  2. Stop emailing after 10.00 pm.
  3. Use alternative media more, such as the phone, my blog, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  4. Continue to spend about thirty minutes a week on email housekeeping and slimming down my inbox.
  5. Check my emails more carefully for typos and spelling mistakes (hard to spot errors when you are dyslexic).
  6. When in doubt – put the email in the draft box and re-check a few hours later as to whether or not it really needs to be sent.
  7. Remember, that not every email needs a reply.

Being cited as an expert and the Emaildoctor on Twitter everyone expects that I will have it sussed, but there is an element of being both the tailor’s daughter and the worst patient.  These are my personal goals for 2011 to contribute towards reducing the email overload that confronts us all.
What are your new year’s resolutions to help the fight against email overload and its drain on personal and business productivity?

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