Emails from Venus or Mars

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On International Women’s Day, it is timely to look at back at some research carried out by Mesmo Consultancy several years ago.

Not surprisingly, it showed that the differences between how men and women operate in business (and socially) carries over into how they communicate. For an in-depth review see Gender and Communication at Work edited by Mary Barrett and Marilyn Davidson and Managing in the Email Office by Monica Seeley and Gerard Hargreaves.

Meanwhile, here is a brief summary of the main difference.

Criterion Men and email Women and email
Deleting Often Hoarders keeping too much just in case
Subject line Limited More accurate
Salutation Often none Nearly always included
Tone Terse Flowery
Content Shorter, crisper and to the point Rambling and often flowery
Gossip Often – the main culprits email media disasters Rarely
Imagery Rarely included, but occasional includes text-speak emoticons Often use stationary and ‘smiley’s’
Sign-off Professional, bland but can be terse Flowery, often uses colour and fancy fonts

What as changed. Judging by the many emails I see, very little.

For more information and especially how to bridge the gap see first published in Brilliant Email.


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