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Articles and Blogs of Note – April 2015

Posted Sunday April 12th, 2015, 8:13 pm by

Over the past few weeks three themes have dominated – the resurgence of writing to reduce email overload, email scandals and cyber crime.

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Articles of note

  1. Hilary Clinton like Michael Gove used her personal email account for Government business.  Was it either naivety as she claims or like Gove an attempt to hide certain emails from public scrutiny?
  2. A leaked memo suggested that Nicola Sturgeon was prepared to work with the Conservatives despite what she said in public.  The lesson from all these scandals is to use your personal email account only for personal emails and vet very carefully what you put in business emails before hitting send.
  3. There have now been several examples of where people and organisations are reverting to writing to reduce email overload.  For a summary see our recent blog post –Is the writing on the wall for email?
  4. A recent survey revealed that the cost of a breach of security is often less than the cost of the technology to protect properly your data.  So where is the incentive for companies to take cyber crime seriously when the biggest cost is usually personal reputational damage?

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