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2017 World Email Ping-Pong Challenge Announced Today

Posted Friday March 31st, 2017, 8:08 pm by

Mesmo Consultancy is delighted to announce nominations are now being accepted for the 2017 World Email Ping-Pong Challenge. Email ping-pong is a ‘game’ played by millions of employees every day who send pointless emails back and forth instead of picking up the phone. But we digress – we want to find out who are the world’s best email ping pong players.

Have you been in an endless round of email exchanges or spotted a ping pong email game between two people which goes nowhere and often spirals out of control. How many emails did it involve and over how many days/weeks did it last? Tell us what is the longest round of email ping pong you have ever played or spotted? Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded and for the best two responses a copy of either ‘Brilliant Email’ or ‘Taking Control of Your Inbox’.

Please send your nominations either via email or leave your comments on this blog.

Email ping-pong is symptomatic of our addiction to email and poor business email etiquette. Often we forget to use other forms of communication which could be more efficient and solve the problem more quickly, for instance the phone or a face-to-face conversation (live or by video-link).

In January 2017 DMR stats reported that 269 billion emails are sent daily. In 2016 The Huffington Post reported that the average worker spends 6.3 hours a day on their email and The Economist highlighted that processing an email costs the average business just under $1 per email. So ten pointless rounds of email pong-pong means $10 down the sink. Played by ten pairs of employees at least five times a week – your business has now wasted the equivalent of $500 a week. Can you really afford to lose this much profit not to mention time and productivity lost?

Want to bow out of the World Email Ping Pong Challenge to improve performance and reclaim all this lost time and money? Then watch our latest Business Email Etiquette video on how to stop email ping-pong.

Here is a classic email Ping Pong Game in Action

  • Steve —> Rachel: Here’s the file we talked about
  • Rachel —> Steve: Great, what do you need from me?
  • Steve —> Rachel: Let me know what you think
  • Rachel —> Steve: I like it
  • Steve —>Rachel: Any improvements?
  • Rachel —> Steve: Perhaps, make the logo bigger, bolder
  • Steve —> Rachel: Like this?
  • Rachel —> Steve: No, that’s too big
  • Steve —> Rachel: Like this?
  • Rachel —> Steve: Yes, that’s much better
  • Steve —> Rachel: OK, anything else?
  • Rachel —> Steve: No don’t think so, but check with Zack in case he has any thoughts.

This email ping pong chain is already 12 messages long, and it will start a new ‘set’ with Zack…

If you want to save even more time managing email more efficiently why not call us now about our Brilliant Email Management workshops or buy yourself a copy of either Brilliant Email or Taking Control of Your Inbox.

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Quiet and Slow to Reduce Email Overload in 2014

Posted Monday January 6th, 2014, 10:30 am by

How did you spend the holiday period?  Were you deluged with emails on your return to work? I spent my time de-cluttering, not just my inbox but paper files, desk drawers, cupboards, you name it.  It’s amazing that I am still here!  There was also time to reflect on priorities and how best to manage my time and resources in 2014.   At the end of 2013 the #HBRogues introduced me to ‘Quiet‘ by Susan Cain.  A book on how naturally quiet people operate very successfully in the very noisy world in which we live.  Being a noisy person this gave me much food for thought.  What if I were a little quieter?  How does one create space for others to talk?  Reading ‘Quiet’ prompted me re-visit ‘In Praise of Slow‘ by Carl Honore.  Both have helped me formulate some work related new years resolutions which will also hopefully spill over in to my private life.   Here are my five new years resolutions.

Work specific

  1. Think (long and hard) before saying ‘yes’ so that I don’t over commit and then have to re-jig my schedule to fit in everything.
  2. Write shorter quieter emails and avoid replying to emails either late at night or in haste especially when cross.
  3. Reduce the number of times I check my emails on my iphone, instead use the time away from the office to think and soak up the surroundings (be they work or social).
  4. Set aside one afternoon a week which is email, social media and meeting free.
  5. Be more visual (and creative) and learn to use Infographics instead of so many words.


  1. Switch off by 11.00 pm and follow my own medicine as per my recent post on The Huffington Post.
  2. Notch my golf handicap down a couple more points.
  3. Make time to read one good book a month.
  4. Learn more about wine through attending some courses.
  5. Improve my mindfulness techniques in order to shut out the noise and quieten my brain especially late at night.

Dare to share – what is your number one new year’s resolution?

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