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Email Out of Office Messages Tell All

Posted Monday January 10th, 2011, 6:30 pm by

Do you realise how much you reveal in your Out-of-Office message?   Of the 135 recent Out-of-Office Message, six percent were past their sell by date which suggest a lack of attention to detail on the recipients part.  Fifteen percent gave away information about clients and projects handled by the organisation, about twenty percent were insecure and left the person open to cyber crime and the rest were fine.

What makes a good safe and secure Out-of-Office message? Indeed why bother to pay attention to what your message says?  A simple message is best which just states that you are not in the office and gives one point of contact in the event of an emergency.  Any more (eg you are on holiday, other projects you are handling etc) and you leave yourself and the organsiation open to a breach of security and confidentiality.

It would not take a cyber criminal ten minutes to find out where you live and bing – burglary.

Every email from you conveys and creates an image about you in the recipient’s mind.  A careless, frivolous message can convey a sloppy, unprofessional image of you and a sloppy organisation.

Does your organisation provide adequate guidelines on the use of Out-of-Office messages?  If so what?

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Email Etiquette: Out of Office Messages best practice

Posted Friday December 24th, 2010, 1:27 pm by

Have you set an Out Of Office message which meets the 3S standard: simple, short and secure.

Simple and short – just one point of contact and please, please make sure that person is around.  More than one point of contact and you might find yourself divulging confidential information and increasing the risk of a breach of business security.  Secure too, because it doesn’t immediately alert any cyber criminals to a potentially empty home.

Email etiquette for the best Out Of Office messages – ‘I will not be in the office between X and Y.   If your email is urgent, please contact A, otherwise I will deal with it on my return.’  That’s the polite message.

I do know some people whose message reads ‘I will not be in the office between X and Y.   If your email is urgent, please re-send it on A, as all incoming emails during this period are automatically being deleted’.

Actually, I think that’s a great way to manage the email overload.  What do you think?

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Email etiquette for addressing a knight

Posted Sunday December 19th, 2010, 10:55 am by

How do you address a Knight in an email?  Should their email address reflect they are ennobled eg sirfred@?  This is the questions posed to David Tang as agony uncle in the Weekend FT.  The person sending the question was annoyed because his business email address did not reflect his title.  Are some people just too full of their own personal importance?  One client does have a personal email address of sirfred@, but he is the most unassuming person you could meet.  Maybe pomposity is inversely related to self-importance.

From an email etiquette perspective, I suggest the title is reflected in the salutaion ie Dear Sir Fred.

What do you think?


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Welcome to the Mesmo Email Blog.

Posted Friday December 17th, 2010, 3:53 pm by

We’re passionate about helping you avoid email overload and ensure that your email etiquette gets you the right answers, when you need them.

Look out for lots of posts with helpful hints and tips, along with discussions around some of the subjects covered in the recently launched Brilliant Email book, available on Amazon.

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