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No Email Day today – 12-12-12

Posted Tuesday December 11th, 2012, 3:58 pm by

Feeling under the cosh with email overload and trying to reach inbox zero?   12-12-12 is the date for the ‘Concert for New York’ to raise money for those still effected by the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  Having been to NYC recently and experienced some of the devastation, worrying about our email seems quite trivial set against those who lost everything when Sandy hit.

Nonetheless, for those who are struggling to manage their email more efficiently help is at hand as 12-12-12 is also No Email Day.  How can that possible help you ponder.  Surely people will just save all their emails for the next day.  That would be to miss this glorious unique opportunity to step out the inbox and review just what you are achieving when you send an email.

Email is only one of a burgeoning range of media. Yet we default to email whether through laziness, habit, addiction or lack of knowledge and skills about how to use the alternatives.

On No Email Day, before you hit send ask yourself:

  • What value is my communication adding for the recipients, me and my business?  None – then forget it and move on to some other value added task.
  • If you do need to communicate/share information, what alternatives can I use?  For example phone, walk and talk, write a note, post your thoughts to a discussion site, use IM.  Next day, review how effective your choices have been and how much more productive you were.

The other great ways to use No Email Day are first, clear out of your inbox all the old and irrelevant emails which are of no value whatsoever to either you or your business.  This might also highlight the second positive action, get some email management training to help you be more efficient.

No one is suggesting we abandon email indeed far from it.  However, just once in a while it pays to ‘dry-out’ and stop taking the drug.  Click here to check your current level of email addiction and how you can lower it and be more efficient.

Think about those caught up in Sandy and who lost power never mind email.  They and their business survived with no visible impact to the bottom line.

One No Email day – with no new mail alerts here is an opportunity to develop better more creative ways to communicate whilst at the same time reducing the level of email overload.

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