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Book of Note – September 2016

Posted Wednesday September 7th, 2016, 8:23 pm by

Team GB’s performance at the Olympics set the barriers high for future athletes and sport people.  They demonstrated the importance of training and maintaining focus and a positive mindset.

Wrobbinsith glorious weather in Dorset, most of my spare time has been spent on Parkstone Golf Course with some success, winning silverware (trophies) and prize money.  In part this reflects hard work on the physical skills side but especially the mental approach.  For example, staying focused, resetting goals and targets as the round progresses for better or worse.

What has this to do with book of the month? Talking to a fellow golfer interested in the golfing mind she mentioned Anthony Robbins, a name I’d almost forgotten.  There on the bookshelf was his original mind over matter tomb – Awaken The Giant Within (first published in 1991).

There are countless books on mind over matter and some we have reviewed here.  Yet this is still one of the masterpieces.  You will find chapters on staying focused, setting proper goals, using positive words, how we make decisions based on the level of pain they will cause us, how to change our emotional state and much more.

What it lacks and more recent books now cover is the concept of two states on the mind, the rational (Human) and the emotional irrational (Chimp) as described in The Mind Management by Steve Peters which we previously reviewed.

If you have not read Awaken The Giant Within or read it some time ago like me, it is a book which is well worth re-visiting and especially when thinking about self-improvement whether at work or an outside skill.


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