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Email security and internet security – password protection

Posted Friday November 8th, 2013, 5:46 pm by

The recent hacking of the Adobe website is a salient reminder of the need to remain vigilant about protecting ones personal information on-line. One of the most stark factors to emerge was the number of very weak passwords used by people. Email security and internet security depends in part of having strong passwords and being vigilant about what you post on social media sites.  A recent report revealed that the most common passwords were ‘123456’ (190,000+ users) and ‘123456789’ (46,000+ users).

Creating a strong password is really quite easy. Think of a meaningful sentence and then take the first letter of each word and use it to construct a password. Turn a couple of letters into capitals/symbols and add in a couple of numbers and you have a strong password.  For example:

In my youth my favourite singer was Leonard Cohen. A password might be 1mYMf3Wlc!

Email security

Email security

Three other top tips to follow to improve your email security are:

1.  Password protect important attachments.

2.  Do not put confidential information in the body of an email, rather either convey the information verbally or in a password protected attachment. Click here for an example of what can otherwise go wrong.

3.  Remember that despite your best efforts email evidence is very rarely destroyed. Someone somewhere will always have a copy.

For those managing a business (no matter what size) a key part of your email and internet security must be your Acceptable (computer) Usage Policy (AUP).  It must be up-to-date to take account of changing technologies, and you must have evidence that everyone has read and accepted its conditions.

Click here to access our free on-line tool to benchmark just how robust is your current AUP.  Mesmo Consultancy have helped many clients improve their email security and reduce the risk of leaking sensitive and confidential information.  Call us now for a free consultation and review about how vulnerable your business is currently (+44 (0)1202 434340) .

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