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Smart Email Management to Save Time June 2020 Schedule

  • Date of event: Every Monday at 12.00 Noon GTM
  • Cost: $10 per webinar
  • Location: Zoom
  • Contact: Monica E Seeley
  • Telephone: +441202434340
  • Email: susan@mesmo.co.uk
  • Web address: www.mesmo.co.uk

Event description:

Thank you so much for these Monica (and Melissa)! I find the time slot and short seminar a real help. The topics have also been very useful.
Sara Brown, European Management Assistant

Based on your feedback, we will continue with another series joint webinars with Melissa Esquebel of Sawbuck Seminars.  Each is designed to help you use electronic communications to save time and improve performance. These will cost $10 (about £8/€9) per session - less than the cost a decent bottle of wine.

  • 01 June - Mail merge with Outlook - Led by Melissa
  • 08 June - What makes a good email - Led by Monica
  • 15 June - Time saving email templates - Led by Melissa
  • 22 June - Think outside the inbox - Led by Monica
  • 29 June - Spot the fake email -  Joint Melissa and Monica

Click here for more details and to register for all or any of these sessions.

Meanwhile, for questions relating to these topics, please post them on one of our discussion groups.

Monica's sessions join either her LinkedIn or Facebook group.

Melissa's sessions join either her LinkedIn or Facebook groups.

We hope you are enjoying and learning as much from them as we are from your questions.

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