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Sawbucks Webinars

  • Date of event: March and April 2021
  • Contact: Melissa Esquibel
  • Email: melissa@esquibel.me
  • Web address: https://sawbuckseminars.com/

Event description:

As part of the Mesmo Consultancy partnership with Sawbucks Seminars we are proud to offer you the following wonderful Watch and Learn webinars. Each costs just $10.00.  If you don't come away having learnt at least one new tip we will refund your fee!

3 March 2021 Shortcuts, Tips and tricks to make fast work of spreadsheets

Ever watch an Excel pro zip around a spreadsheet with thousands of rows of data? There are just a handful of secrets to being lightening fast in Excel. With these pro tips and tricks you’ll speed up the repetitive and mundane tasks. And in Excel, with the right maneuvers, faster is actually more accurate!

 10 March 2021 Categories, Stars & Labels

Get your Gmail inbox under control with categories, stars and labels. These three handy tools in Gmail can give you a squint-free experience when sorting out the high-priority from the mildly interesting. Whether you use the paid version or the free one, this session will open up your Gmail toolbox.

17 March 2021 Slide Masters & Themes

Want to create a great presentation in Slides with a professional look and feel? Learn how to use slide masters and themes. Creating and designing your presentation one slide at a time is actually the long way to do it. Getting a nimble and polished presentation is easier than you think.

24 March 2021 Mastering Formulas in Sheets

You can do lots of magic with formulas in Google Sheets. In fact, for most formula users, the experience is Excel and Sheets is very similar. We’ll cover formula fundamentals and give you a peek into a few more advanced formula tips and tricks to set you on a path to becoming a Sheets guru!

7 April 2021 Dirty Data, Cleaned up! Part 1

We’re not suffering from less data these days. But, unless you can use it to reveal information, it’s just bits and bytes. In this first of two sessions, you’ll learn the basics of cleaning up ugly data and how to set yourself for success to do the analysis that gives you actionable answers.



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