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PA show Manchester 3/4 July Manchester 2019

  • Date of event: 3//4 July 2019
  • Location: Manchester City
  • Web address: https://www.thepashow.com

Event description:

Learn how to improve your well-being and improve your performance at the 'Take Control of Your Inbox' masterclass at the PA Show Manchester 3/4 July 2019. In this masterclass Dr Seeley (founder of Mesmo Consultancy) will show you how to improve your well-being and performance by reducing email overload through:

  • Managing your time at the inbox.
  • Training other people not to expect an instant reply.
  • Being confident to use an alternative to email.
  • Writing emails which encourage the recipient to respond properly.
  • Knowing when and how to switch off from work-related email and social media.

Dr Seeley will available through out the event to provide one-to-one coaching sessions on how to combat email overload by taking control of your inbox. To register your interest either for a session please call us on 01202 434340 or email us.  Session will limited and on a first come basis first served basis.

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