Clean Out Your Inbox Week – Day 1 Weigh In

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Welcome to day one of the 6th International Clean Out Your Inbox Week which we are running with America’s leading email management expert Marsh Egan.  Email overload has become a major threat to our productivity and well-being.  Over half the business executives with whom I work receive one new email every nine minutes.  Little wonder we all have bulging inboxes and may miss important emails from time to time.

Now is your chance to slim down your inbox and keep it that way.  Join us this week and play your part in helping reduce the email overload.

Take these four easy steps towards reclaiming your life from the inbox and significantly raising your energy levels and personal performance (at work and home). Here is the programme for Day 1.

Step 1 – Weigh in

1.  Check how many emails are in your inbox.
2.  What is the date of the oldest.
3.  How many are unread.
4.  Be daring and share the results by one of the following:

  • Email me;
  • Post a comment on this blog;
  • Tweet the results using the #emptyinbox (eg My inbox has 5,000 emails #emptyinbox)

Step 2 – Check the Cost of Email Overload to yourself and your business 

5.  Use our Cost of Email Misuse Calculator and dare to share the results as above.

Step 3 – Set yourself SMART goals for the week and  plan how they will be achieved

6.  Share your goals and plans (see above).  There are prizes for the best ones (copy of ‘Brilliant Email’).

Step 4 – Start downsizing

7.  Manage the email overload now by clearing out all the rubbish and emails over three weeks old.

Need some help?  Tweet/Skype or Email me your questions.  

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