6th Annual Clean Out Your Inbox Week – Day 4 Email Etiquette

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One of the quickest ways to stop the email overload is to reduce the rounds of email ping-pong.  That means using brilliant email etiquette to convey the right message, right first time.   Moreover, you have less than five seconds before the recipient has formed an opinion of you for better or worse.  Poor email etiquette can damage your reputation in a nanosecond.

Here is today’s plan to reduce the level of email overload based on using brilliant email etiquette.

Step 1 – Assess your email etiquette

Use our special free email Etiquette Check List to benchmark your email etiquette.  Where can you improve?

Clean Out Your Inbox 2013

Step 2 – Review your inbox  for existing chains

Are there any email chains which could have been prevented if you had communicated more clearly?  What lessons can you learn from these?

Step 3 – For today, review your emails before hitting send

Ask yourself, what image an I conveying of myself? How clear and concise is my email based in the checklist at Step 1.

Step 4 – Help others improve their email etiquette

Be bold. If you receive an email you cannot understand on the first reading, ask the sender what they are trying to say.  Send them a link to our Email Etiquette Checklist.

Step 5 – Share how you are doing

What is the poorest email you have in your inbox? Why?  How are you doing with your personal email management after three days?

Email me; Post a comment on this blog; Tweet the gist of the email using  #emptybox or #inboxweek

Today the prizes are for you as the recipient and if you dare to tell me for the sender whose poor email etiquette caused you grief.

More tips during the day on  Twitter and Twitter Chat today between 18.00 and 19.00 hrs GMT: follow #AdminChat.

Does any one in your team need some more help?  Book them on to one of our Brilliant Email Master Classes for some email management training.

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