6th Annual Clean Out Your Inbox Week – Day 3

Posted Tuesday January 22nd, 2013, 10:47 pm by

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who has been daring and sharing.  We love it.

Today’s focus on managing.  If I had a penny for everyone who tells me their inbox is over the limit I’d be rich. Keeping too many attachments in your inbox means you not only clog up your own mailbox but your organisation’s system.

Slim line mailbox are more stable, easier to search, quicker to restore (should they crash) and have a lower carbon footprint (as they need fewer resources to maintain).  Managing attachments properly is another way to get inbox zero and reduce the email overload.  Here is today’s plan of action.

Clean Out Your Inbox Week 2013

Step 1 – Find those large attachments

Sort on size. For Outlook users use Mailbox Cleanup or Search Folders.

Step 2 – Save attachments outside Outlook

Save all attachments to the relevant folder outside Outlook and on your file server/hard disc. Then remove them from the email. Make sure you do the same with your sent items too.

Step 3 –  Share how you are doing

What is the biggest attachment you have in your inbox?  After three days what is the size of your inbox now?  How many items are in it? Are you still suffering from email overload or are you heading towards an empty inbox through good email management?

  • Email me
  • Post a comment on this blog
  • Tweet me  using either #emptyinbox or #inboxweek (eg had 4000 emails & is now its only 100. Biggest attachment was 10Mb).

There are prizes today for the person who is making the greatest saving and who received the largest attachment. If you are daring enough tell me the person who sent it we will send them a copy of ‘Brilliant Email’ too.

If you are making progress and think your colleagues will benefit too, ask us out our winning Brilliant Email master classes and workshops.

Again during the day there will be more tips on Twitter.

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