6th Annual Clean Out Your Inbox Week Day 2

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Day 2 is about managing email overload by reducing the amount of non essential email (noise) and starting to keep the incoming email down.  Remember your inbox should be your work in progress – not a dump ground for all the emails you receive. The Pareto rule works on our inbox too.  80% of what we need comes from 20% of what we receive.

Here are our three steps to heaven and no more email overload.

Clean Out Your Inbox Week

Step 1 – For each new email you receive today ask yourself – ‘Do I really need this email?’ ‘How useful is this to me?’

Step 2 – For all those emails you don’t need keep them out.

Find a way either to get yourself off the sender’s list or automatically move them out of your inbox so they don’t distract you from the really important ones.   Deleting is not an option.  It is simply wasting more time and resources.  Ways to reduce the incoming email traffic and hence email overload  are:

  • Unsubscribe.
  • Ask the sender to remove you from their list.
  • Use rules to send them automatically to a folder/Trash.

Step 3 – Share how you are doing

Tell us how you are doing and especially how many emails you received and how many of those you really

needed.  Tell us what processes you are putting in place to limit the unnecessary emails fro

m reaching your inbox.  What is your level of email overload?

Email me

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Tweet using either  #emptyinbox or #inboxweek

Copies of ‘Brilliant Email’ as prizes for the best responses.

More tips during the day on Twitter from myself as the EmailDoctor and Marsha Egan.

You should now be on track to reach the hallowed state of inbox zero. Good luck.

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