6th Annual Clean Out Your Inbox Week 21 to 25 January 2013

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Email overload is set to rise and continue to sap everyone’s productivity, unless we all take action.  Next week is a unique golden opportunity for you and your organisation to slim down your inboxes permanently. Go from email overload to an empty inbox (or inbox zero as some say).  Boost productivity by reclaiming your life from the inbox.  Join us for the 6th International Clean Out Your Inbox Week and learn how to:

  • Save yourself time.
  • Increase your personal productivity.
  • Improve client (and internal) relationships.
  • Reduce the risk of damaging reputations (yours and your organisations) through an email disaster.
  • Make time to do the things in life you really want to do (be they either personal or business related).

Every day there will be tips and hints to help you and your organisation take control of those bulging time wasting inboxes.  There will be copies of ‘Brilliant Email’ as prizes for those who downsize their inbox most.  Here is an overview of the week’s activities.

Day 1 – Weigh in, calculate the cost of those unwanted emails and set smart goals for the week.

Clean Out Your Inbox 2013

Day 2 – Think outside the inbox to reduce email overload (eg use an alternative medium).

Day 3 – Prioritise and manage attachments to reduce email overload.

Day 4 – Use brilliant email etiquette to downsize your inbox.

Day 5 – Re-weigh yourself and learn more ways to keep your inbox slim.

We are delighted to be running this annual ‘Clean Out Your Inbox Week’ with the founder of the event Marsha Egan of if InboxDetox. Together we can all make 2013 the year we really manage email overload and use brilliant email etiquette to improve personal and business productivity.

We promise there will be prizes and lots of fun.  It’s free.  All you need to do is either email us to receive the detailed daily plan or read my Blog each day of Clean Out Your Inbox week.

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