Clean Out Your Inbox Week 2012 – Day 5 Keep email addiction in check

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Friday –  Staying Healthy  – Keeping Your Email Addiction Under Control
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By now we hope you have a very slim and healthy inbox.  The trick now is to keep it in good shape.  Email addiction is one of the major causes of email overload. It’s the feeling that you must constantly check your inbox no matter where you are, what you are doing or what time of day it is.  Recent survey suggests many of us check email in bed – first and last thing at night on our smart phones. 
Use Mesmo Consultancy’s Email Addiction Checklist to benchmark yourself.    Download your personal free copy from the Knowledge Exchange.
So let’s see if the email management treatment is working and you are now in control of your inbox and your inbox is heading to zero. After four days here’s what you need to do on the final day of Clean Out Your Inbox Week.
Step 1 – Reweigh your inbox  
Share how many emails are still left in it (excluding those which arrived today).
+ Post responses/comments on this blog
+ Tweet the size  of your inbox using the #emptyinbox is (eg #emptyinbox has 40 emails left in it)
Step 2  – Check your level of Email Addiction 
Make  sure you can control your email addiction.  Identify where are your strengths and weaknesses  and seek advice about how use your strengths to over come the weaknesses.
Step 3 – Review your action plan and goals and tell us how you fared 
What were the high and lows of the week and how did you work around them? What aspects of our email management techniques helped you the most?
The last free copy of ‘Brilliant Email’ is for the cleanest inbox and the person who made the best progress.  Email your responses to me.
Step 4 – Contact us if either you or colleagues need some more help
Look back to Day 1 and how much time you were losing.  Chances are most of your colleagues are losing just as much time.  If you and your colleagues would like some more help why not ask us in to run one of our Brilliant Email Master Classes or buy some copies of ‘Brilliant Email’.  (‘Brilliant Email’ can be purchased from any bookshop.)

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this the 5th international Clean Out Your Inbox Week.  I hope you now have a slim inbox and had fun and saved yourself some time.  Hopefully now you feel you are driving your inbox rather than letting it drive you and your day.

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  • My Inbox has 3085 messages in it dating back to 25 June 2008. They have all been read but I need to keep them for future reference. I also have 78132 messages which I have organised into folders and 2293 of those have not been read. I need a serious clear out but its such a huge job I dont know where to start!!! Aaarrrggghhh

    • Hi Barry, The quickest way is to clean the slate completely. Move all the old emails into folders, eg sorted by year. Then move forward by developing some really good daily inbox housekeeping habits, eg handle each email once and when you have read it and actioned it move into a folder out of the inbox. Delete stuff you are not interested in. Happy to talk these suggestions through with you over the phone. Contact me on the number given on our website.

    • Thanks for the advice I will defiantly wipe the slate clean and sit down and have a good think about my inbox structure going forward.