Clean Out Your Inbox Week 2012 – Day 2 Prioritise to reduce the email overload

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It’s great to see so many people keen to reduce the email overload and reach inbox zero.  Thank you to everyone who is sharing and joining in.

Today is about continuing to manage the email overload by reducing the amount of rubbish (noise) and starting to prioritise in order to keep the email intake down.  Remember your inbox should be your work in progress – not a dump ground for all the emails you receive. The Pareto rule works on our inbox too.  That is 80% of what we need comes from 20% of what we receive.

Step 1 – Continue spending a few minutes clearing out more unnecessary emails that are left from the last six months.
Clean out your inboxStep 2 – For each new email you receive today ask yourself – ‘Do I really need this email?’ ‘How useful is this to me?’

Step 3 – For all those emails you don’t need keepthem out
Find a way either to get yourself off the sender’s list or automatically move them out of your inbox so they don’t distract your attention away from the really important ones.   For example:

  • Unsubscribe – just deleting is a waste of time.
  • Ask the sender to remove you from their list.  (There are some useful templates of text on Mesmo Consultancy’s website – Go to the Knowledge Exchange  and click ‘Stop Email – Useful templates’.)
  • Send them to a folder/deleted using Rules.

Step 4 – Share how you are doing 
Tell me how you are doing and especially how many emails you received and how many of those you really needed.  Tell us what processes you are putting in place to limit the unnecessary emails from reaching your inbox.

Email me
Post a comment on this blog
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Again there are copies of ‘Brilliant Email’ as prizes for the best responses.

Don’t forget there will be more tips during the day from myself as the EmailDoctor and Marsha Egan.  Just look for the #emptyinbox.

Good luck.

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