5th International Clean Out Your Inbox Week 23 to 27 January

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Do you want to achive the hallowed state of inbox zero?   This is the week to put your inbox on a permanent diet and go from email overload to an empty inbox (or inbox zero as some say).  Reclaim your life from the inbox.  Save yourself time, improve your productivity and make time to do the things in life you really want to do.  Here is an overview of the week’s activities.

Join in the fun.  Every day there will be tips and hints including on-line tools to help you take control of your inbox to reach inbox zero by the end of the week.

Clean inboxDay 1 – Weigh in using our Cost of Email Misuse Calculator and set your goals for the week.

Day 2 – Reduce the email overload and get rid of all the noise.

Day 3 – Prioritise and manage attachments to further reduce the email overload.

Day 4 – Email etiquette to slim down your inbox.

Day 5 – Re-weigh yourself and learn more ways to keep your inbox slim.

We are delighted to be running this our 5th International annual ‘Clean Out Your Inbox Week’ with the founder of the event Marsha Egan of Inbox Detox.  Together we can all make 2012 the year we really manage email overload.

We promise there will be prizes and lots of fun.  It’s free.  All you need to do is either email me to receive the detailed daily plan or read My Daily Blog.

On Monday at 6.00pm (GMT) we will both be hosting a Twitter Chat.  Simply check in at Tweet Chat and follow #emptyinboxchat for tips on how to reach inbox zero not just this week but forever.

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