Clean Out Your Inbox week 24 to 28 January – Day 3

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So how is your inbox looking today?  Are you making progress?

Ever been locked out of your inbox?  Today’s focus is on attachments – the pariahs of inbox space.  If I had a penny for everyone who tells me their inbox is over the limit I’d be rich. Keeping too many attachments in your inbox means you not only clog up your own server but also the organisation’s system.  Last week one of my clients had a major outage caused by overweight inboxes.  Also there is nothing more stressful than needing to send an email only to find you are locked out of your systems through being overweight!

Wednesday 26  Day 3 – Attachments, reduce them to stay within mailbox limits

Today’s goal is to develop the habit of saving attachments outside your inbox and into the right folder on your main server/hard disc (eg client, project date etc).

Step 1 – Check you have not left too much dross from the last two days and if needs be set aside time to continue the inbox housekeeping and cleaning out.

Step 2 – Find those large attachments – eg sort on size, for Outlook users use Mailbox clean up or Search Folders.

Step 3 – Save the attachments to the relevant folder on your file server/hard disc and then remove them from the email.

Step 4 – Share how you are doing. What is the biggest attachment you have in your inbox?

  • Tweet the size of your mailbox and by how much you reduced it using the #Myinbox is (eg #Myinbox was 350MB and is now only 100MB.
  • LinkedIn – send me a message.
  • Email me.
  • Post responses/comments on my Facebook page.

 Don’t forget there will be more tips during the day on Twitter.

There is a prize for the person who made the greatest saving: you will need to send a screen shot of the size before and after.

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