Clean Out Your Inbox Week 24 to 28 January – Day 1

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Welcome to the UK’s first ‘Clean Out Your Inbox’ Week being run in conjuction with Marsha Egan who initiated the event in the USA four years ago.  The plan for the week is on our Events page.  At the end of the week I hope we will all have made some progress to conquering this new disease know as ’email overload’ which is costing most individuals and business dearly.

Monday 24 Day 1 – Weigh in and set some Smart Goals.

Step 1 – Weigh in – Check and tell us how many email are in your inbox.  For most email software the number is shown on the botton left (eg 5000).  Be daring and share the results:

  • Tweet the number using the #Myinbox
  • Take the poll on LinkedIn
  • Email me
  • Post them on my Facebook page

Step 2 – Check the Cost of Email Overload to yourself and your business by using our Cost of Email Misuse Calculator and share the results as above.

Step 3 Set you yourself SMART goals for the week and plan how they will be achieved.

Step 4 – Start to clear out some of the rubbish.

  • Sort by Subject and/or From and delete all the duplicate chains.
  • Sort by date and move out all emails older than six months to a folder which you can sort  later.

Step 5 – Follow us both on Twitter for tips and share your own experiences using the #Myinboxis

Share your goals and plans (see above).  There is a prize  for the best set of goals and plan to achieve them (copy of ‘Brilliant Email’).

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