Clean Out Your Inbox Week 24 to 28 January 2011 – Day 5

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Staying Slim – Keep Your Email Addiction Under Control

By now we hope you have a very slim healthy inbox.  The trick now is to keep it in good shape.  Email addiction is one of the major causes of email overload, that is the feeling that you must constantly check your inbox no matter where you are and what you are doing.

On Christmas Day 45% of users logged in to their email!

Today I am delighted to launch Mesmo Consultancy’s Email Addiction Checklist.  Download your own personal free copy from the Knowledge Exchange.

Here is the plan for the final day of Clean Out Your Inbox Week.

Step 1 – Reweigh your inbox and share how many emails are still left in it (excluding those which arrived today).

  • Tweet the size  of your inbox using the #Myinbox is (eg #Myinbox has 40 emails left in it).
  • LinkedIn – send me a message.
  • Email me.
  • Post responses/comments on my Facebook page. 

Step 2  – Check your level of Email Addiction to make you sure have it under control. If not see where are your weaknesses and seek advice about how to over come them.

Step 3 – Review your action plan and goals and tell us how you fared.  What were the high and lows of the week and how did you work around them?

There is a free copy of ‘Brilliant Email’ for the cleanest inbox and one for the person who made the best progress.  Email your responses to me.

Step 4 – If you still need some help why not attend one of our Smart Email Management workshops or get a copy of Brilliant Email?

Don’t forget there will be regular tips on Twitter through out the day.

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