Clean Out Your Inbox Week 24 to 28 January 2011 – Day 4

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 Email etiquette to slim down your inbox.

One of the quickest ways to slim down your inbox is to reduce the amount of email ping-pong you play.  That means use the right email etiquette to convey the right message, right first time. Don’t leave space for misinterpretation.

You have less than five seconds before the recipient of your email has formed an opinion of you for better or worse.  Poor email etiquette can cost you dearly, for example customers, a job etc.

Review your email etiquette and use it to reduce the amount of email you need to handle.

Step 1 – Download our free email Etiquette Check-List from our sister site

Step 2 – Review your inbox and see if there are any email chains which could have been prevented if you had communicated more clearly.

Step 3 – Review your emails before you send them using our Email Etiquette Checklist.

Step 4 – Next time someone sends you an email which is hard to follow point them in the direction of the checklist.

Step 5 – Share how you are doing. What is the poorest email you have in your inbox?

  • Tweet the gist of the email using the #Myinbox is (eg #Myinbox was 350MB and is now only 100MB.
  • LinkedIn – send me a message.
  • Email me.
  • Post responses/comments on my Facebook page.

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